demond4n: Hello all! I’ve been receiving a ton of messages…


Hello all!

I’ve been receiving a ton of messages asking me if I was done with faking.

Short answer. No.

Long answer …

If you’ve not been keeping up (or not talking to me on messenger) you won’t know that I’m transitioning through an odd period in my life. When I started faking back in March I had just quit my job to pursue something better for my life. Something that would secure my future and make me happier, It took a while and I used faking to focus my mind and down time into something creative to help make the relentless and depressing job search bearable. I’m very happy to say I’ve found what I was looking for, I’ve passed everything I was asked to do and now I’m on the cusp of starting. This will perhaps help me have more time to put into this. It will take me some time to see when I can keep chipping away at the things people ask for, and the things I want to see, but its a start.

I hope this explains why I’m not as prolific as I once was but hopefully now I’ll have some extra free time for this. I appreciate every single one of you asking for more fakes, talking to me on the Tumblr messenger and generally being awesome people! We all need to be more awesome to each other.

Someone recently asked for a Krysten Ritter fake (Apologies I cant remember your ID or replying to you. I do read every message you guys send and make a mental note of things people would like me to fake. It’s hard for me to respond to everyone) So here she is, a little more busty than she is in real life because thats what fakes are for! 😉

Thank you again and keep being amazing my dudes and dudettes!